Monday, September 5, 2011

Keeping it Strong

Whole Brain Teaching works!  It is so amazingly obvious when I am off my game that I typically laugh inside my head.  There have been many days when I take a breath after the kids all leave and realize that things would have gone smoother if I had stayed in the scoreboard game consistently or remembered to rehearse the rule each time someone broke it.  There have been many other days when I have such a beaming smile on my face because my kids have been so amazing all day.  I am struggling slightly to incorporate it effectively into all of my lessons.  But I am staying strong and reminding myself often that I just need to keep practicing each day and I'll turn around and it will be second nature.  I am so excited about the great things WBT is adding to my classroom this year.  It is truly allowing me to show each student what a star they can be!